The L1 trainer/teacher usually prefers a formal lesson and the use of a text book or other teaching material. Summaries will be used and encouraged. Logical argument and opportunity to analyse content are usually elements of the lesson. Instructions are given in a precise manner. This trainer tends to do research regarding the content and will encourage this in students. The content will be factually, technically and mathematically correct. This can be an authoritative trainer who likes to be in control of the situation at all times. He/she can tend to be too critical and would not allow emotions to cloud the issue. This trainer will use gestures and facial expressions sparingly.


The L2 trainer/teacher usually prefers a formal lesson and the use of a text book or other teaching material. The lesson content is usually well-planned and presented in a sequential order. Putting content into practice is very important to this teacher and therefore repetition and reinforcement are strong elements of the teaching style. Lesson objectives are normally explained clearly. This is a trainer who would ensure that the syllabus is completed and done so within the time allocated. Thoroughness is very important and untidy and incomplete work not tolerated. This trainer could resist new teaching methods and could tend to be inflexible regarding change within the system.


The R2 trainer/teacher is usually sensitive to the needs of the learners and will treat them as individuals rather than a group. Group work is encouraged and movement and play normally form part of the lesson. This trainer/teacher uses body language, gestures and facial expression readily to enhance the lesson. He/she tends to move amongst the learners and encouragement, touch and non-verbal communication is quite natural. Showing emotion as part of the teaching comes natural and is accepted in the learners. Music often plays a part in the learning process, as well as role play and stories.


The R1 trainer/teacher usually gives an holistic view of the lesson and prefers to make the link with other subjects and how it slots into ‘the real world’.  This teacher will encourage spontaneous participation and create opportunities to experiment. Visual aids will form an important part of the lesson. Lessons could be unstructured, deciding on different content, etc. on the spur of the moment. Opportunities to speculate, to strategise and discover are often created. A fun element is often part of the lesson. Administrative duties, deadlines and thoroughness can sometimes be lacking.

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