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Taking You Beyond: What Is Creativity? (Part 2)

Ideas: Less Is Not More, More Is More Minimalism is soooooo yesterday! Don’t get left behind because you lack ideas. French philosopher Emile Chartier said, “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have.” When faced with a... read more

Creative Miracles on Both Sides of the Brain

Both Sides of the Brain Are Creative What is now proved was once only imagined -William Blake Many people have a picture in their mind of the creative person as someone who is either very artistic or has a flair for the exotic, are way-out or eccentric. That’s... read more

Taking You Beyond: What Is Creativity? (Part 1)

What Is Creativity? There are more than 400 registered definitions of creativity. Creativity is … … attitude. Creativity is not a talent or an action – it’s a choice of attitude. You have to be positive about creativity, and only you can choose your attitude! … no... read more

What Influences a Creative Climate?

Creativity and The Environment Some people are probably born more creative than others, but the environment that we work and live in has a significant influence on how creatively we perform and think. In his later research, which stretched over a period of 32 years,... read more

Taking You Beyond: Happiness & Joy (Part 2)

A Little Help From Science Quantum physics is the science that describes the behaviour of energy and matter at atomic and subatomic levels. This science is increasingly used in psychology. Why? Think of the physical effects that occur in your body when you experience... read more

Taking You Beyond: Happiness & Joy (Part 1)

Don’t Worry, Be Joyful Most dictionaries make little distinction between “joy” and “happiness.” Psychologists, philosophers and religious leaders have spent centuries to research these two concepts. They have identified some factors that... read more


Books To Help You Live Your Best Life Dr Kobus Neethling has authored and co-authored a number of books. The books displayed here are still in print and available from Dr Neethling’s office. To find out more about any of the books or to place an order, send an... read more

Love, Sex and the Brain – Part 4

Men and Women – Brain Battles Go to any bookstore (or search the web), and you’ll find a whole section on relationships, or more precisely, on the differences between men and women. We are, apparently, from different planets, talk differently and behave in... read more

The Courage to Persevere & Take Risks

Achievers Persevere One of the most fundamental qualities of ongoing achievers is the courage to persevere. For many years we have been studying the development of creative behaviours of people in a number of countries. We have found that one of the most fundamental... read more

Taking You Beyond: Get Positively Charged (2)

Pffft, My Life Is Lame… We all know someone who is in a lousy job or a bad relationship, yet they stay. If they hate it so much, why don’t they move on? That person could be you. Your thoughts can become so negative that they paralyse you and prevent you... read more

Love, Sex and the Brain – Part 3

Why Love Hurts The changing brain Even before we are born, the growth rate of our brain is impressive. The first sense to develop while in utero is the sense of touch. The lips and cheeks can experience touch at about eight weeks and the rest of the body around 12... read more

Creative Innovation

A New Kind of Innovation for a New Era Paul Torrance, Mr Creativity of the 20th century, wrote way back in 1958 that it is not your technical skills or academic intelligence that will give you or your organisation that particular advantage. Torrance was very adamant... read more

Taking You Beyond: Get Positively Charged (1)

You Are the Only Thinker of Your Thoughts You are the only thinker of your thoughts. Nobody gets to choose your attitude. Imagine you are in a staff meeting where new working hours are being discussed. Or, visualise being at home with your family, deciding whether or... read more

Love, Sex and the Brain – Part 2

Brain bytes Harvard maintains a Brain Bank where over 7,000 human brains are stored for research purposes. We have certainly come a long way from ancient times when the brain was seen as a kind of “cranial stuffing”! Brain research that has stretched over centuries... read more

Creativity – The Secret to Business Success

Negativity Kills Creativity Consider the sheer volume of negativity, distractions and energy-draining factors that exist in the world today. Once you have done this, ask yourself how much it impacts on the productivity of your staff and your business’s bottom line.... read more

Taking You Beyond – Intro

Welcome to Taking You Beyond! The Taking You Beyond programme is unique and focuses on the needs of the person of the 21st century. We live in a world where a revolution can be organised in one day, millions of people can be mobilised in a few hours and newness is... read more

Love, Sex and the Brain – Part 1

Whole-Brain Thinking: Relationships There are countless possibilities of utilising whole-brain knowledge: parenthood education ministry management leadership politics sport communication It is in the field of sexuality and relationships, however, that knowledge of... read more

Charting Your 21st-Century Journey

Staying in yesterday It was in the 1980’s that Paul Torrance entered my life. He was a tomorrow person and often remarked that it has always been easy to play around with yesterday. For some people, the excitement is to try to make yesterday better. Their... read more