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A Company that Brings Change

A Company that Brings Change A man who has created a revolution in the field of thinking preferences and power of decision making, career selection, increased productivity in both the corporate world and the world of education. He is Dr Shankar Goenka, the Country... read more

Creating a Vision with real Emotional Impact

Most organizational visions are just a collection of words. But to be impactful visions need to be just that, visual! Creating visual visions connects with people in a way that corporate word visions never can. In this talk given in Pretoria South Africa I give a step... read more

Brain Profiling Training Courses

How Brain Profiling Courses Can Help to Increase the Power of Creative Thinking It is now possible to tailor make brain profiling training courses to fit your specific organisation and individual training needs. Understanding that every person thinks in a unique way... read more

NBI Practitioners Training Courses

Become a Whole-Brain Profiling Practitioner with NBI® Training Are you the kind of person that wants to see others succeed? Do you enjoy working with people? Are you convinced that if people understand how they think that they will be able to learn better, communicate... read more

ACRE Conference – Creativity Conference 2016

An Exciting Opportunity to Learn from the Masters of Creativity at the ACRE 2016 Conference Every now and then, an opportunity to learn, explore and develop insight regarding an exciting field of knowledge comes along. Some we miss and some we attend with great... read more

Creativity Courses and Brain Profiling

Become a Whole-Brain Thinker with the Kobus Neethling Creativity Training Say the word creativity and the images that come to mind are of people sitting around a table brainstorming about a new advertising campaign, someone sculpting a man from recycled materials, an... read more

NBI Practitioners Training and Services

Why Attend NBI™ Practitioners Training and What You Can Do with Brain Profiling If you have completed the NBI™ brain profiling and related courses, then you already know that opposites working together can be powerful drivers for success. Understanding how differences... read more

Creativity Training Courses Gauteng

Why Attending Creativity Training is Necessary for Your Business Team If you performed a Google voice search for the term “creativity training courses Gauteng”, you most probably ended up with many results linking to the arts and music domains. However, unlike what... read more

Brain Profiling and More

Why Brain Profiling is the First Step Towards Unlocking Potential Kobus Neethling is well known for his work and insight regarding creativity, whole-brain thinking, brain profiling, and more. He is the developer of the NBI® instruments that are widely used by... read more

Kreatiwiteit galore!

Baie van ons het grootgeword sonder om te weet van hierdie innerlike krag in ons: kreatiwiteit. Dit is ’n menslike eienskap om weerstand op te bou teen enigiets nuuts, selfs al is dit positief. As gevolg van mislukkings uit die verlede verloor ons geloof in ons vermoë... read more

Whole Brain writing styles

Left, Right, and Whole-Brain Writing Many popular authors have a left-brain writing style. Some authors have a right-brain writing style. Very few authors have a whole-brain writing style. Consider articles in news magazines. Many of these, such as the ones found in... read more

’n Gelukkige bestaan

Binne-in ons is daar ’n wonderlike stelsel opgesluit wat ons lei en aan-dui wanneer ons ontwikkel en wan-neer nie. Ons is vol vreugde as ons groei en iets beteken, maar ons voel onvervul en teleurgesteld wanneer ons stagneer. Terwyl jy op jou lewensreis is, sal jy... read more


L1 The L1 trainer/teacher usually prefers a formal lesson and the use of a text book or other teaching material. Summaries will be used and encouraged. Logical argument and opportunity to analyse content are usually elements of the lesson. Instructions are given in a... read more

Wees kreatief

Tradisioneel is regterbreinmense as kreatief beskou en linkerbreinmense as logies en rigied. Vandag besef ons dat linker- én regterbreinmense kreatief kan dink en presteer. Elkeen van ons het ’n unieke wyse om ons kreatiwiteit te hanteer. Jy mag dalk nie eens daarvan... read more