Conferences provide the opportunity for practitioners, leaders, educators and private individuals to gain insight into several aspects of learning, education, creativity, leadership and whole brain thinking. With experts addressing the above and other topics, group discussions and interaction among conference attendees, open discussion and knowledge sharing are made possible.

EDU 13

The EDU 13 Conference is to be hosted from 7-10 October 2018


The ACRE Conference is to be hosted from 10–12 October 2018

Upcoming ACRE Conference

The ACRE Conference theme for 2018 is “Creativity has no substitute” with the focus on managing our thinking – how we think and how to identify closed and negative thinking with the aim of changing our thinking for better business performance and life improvement.

Negative thinking limit growth and once a negative way of thinking has been established, it affects our ideas, perception of life, and attitude towards people and experiences. Over time, the process intensifies, leading to a constant state of below the line thinking, which reduces our ability to utilise our power and to reach our full potential.

Through this conference aspects of the above the line thinker are highlighted, including how thinking is not circumstance dependent, how thinking can be changed and how above the line thinking and creativity go together. Attendees will learn how to develop their creative person by taking responsibility of their way of thinking. Once the negative thinking cycle is broken, it is possible to regain control over circumstances.

Numerous leaders and renowned speakers on creativity will share their insight on exciting topics with maximum interaction facilitated with the event taking the form of keynote presentations, discussions, workshops, and one-to-one discussions. Topics under discussion range from corporate to individual thinking.

Reserve your place at this world-renowned event to discover the full potential of creative thinking.

The ACRE Conference 2018 will be held at Klein Kariba and the cost is R5500.00 (excluding VAT). The cost includes: accommodation, meals and sessions.

The EDU ACRE Conference to be hosted from 7-10 October 2018

High IQ and technical abilities have traditionally been recognised as the elements that give a learner a competitive edge. However, as far back as 1958, Paul Torrance, known as Mr. Creativity, already stated that the distinguishing factor for gaining a competitive edge is indeed creativity.

ACRE Education is a unique gathering of educators from around the globe to interact, learn, listen and train in creativity related directly to education. Top educationists, leaders in innovation and creative geniuses lead the event in how to integrate creativity into education to optimise the potential of all learners.

It is at this event where the gap between creativity and innovation is bridged. Anyone involved in education, whether at foundation phase or on tertiary level, will benefit from attending the conference where a combination of workshops, long and short format presentations, discussions and expert hubs enable participants to discover the importance of creativity for better learning and improved student participation.

Reserve your seat at this prestigious event and become part of the group of innovative thinkers that will help shape the future of education.

Attend the ACRE / EDU13 Conference

The ACRE24 Conference to be hosted from 10 – 12 October 2018

The ACRE (International Creativity Conference in Africa) is an annual conference hosted by the South African Creativity Foundation. As one of the longest running and most renowned of its kind, the conference attracts highly respected creative thinkers as speakers. It serves as a platform for exploring innovative and radical creativity and how such will affect the future. It is a conference that opens up the potential of real world discussion on the topic of creativity.

People from all backgrounds attend – whether as business leaders, athletes, coaches, marketers or educators. It is an event for people who think of themselves as creative beings and leaders of such in their fields.

Several workshops of around 90 minutes each are presented, giving attendees hands-on experience and longer presentations and sessions of 3 hours for in-depth delving into topics, make it possible to discover new ideas and develop existing ones in full. With experts available for one-to-one discussions, the ACRE forms the perfect platform for intellectual and creative connection amongst speakers and attendees.

See what our previous attendees had to say:

” In 2014 I was fortunate enough to attend ACRE 20 as brand manager of my company – I was so inspired by my experience that I ended up leaving my company (with their blessings) to begin my own company. -After my inspired sessions at ACRE, I felt that I had something spectacular to offer the world by developing an evolving ecosystem and platform for entrepreneurial workforces. I can proudly say that in the last 18 months, I have gone from a crazy idea to now having a system that has been partnered by a global giant and has been hailed as the “Uber” of the employment world and a possible solution to truly combat the global issue of unemployment.”

Ian Wright