Meet The Team


Karen Hodges

The essence and focus of Karen’s vision is guiding people to discover their own potential and helping them to define and achieve their goals. The development of people of all ages and in all environments is her passion.   

Her formal qualifications include a BA Degree in Applied Psychology in the Professional Context from the University of South Africa (cum laude), a certificate in HIV/AIDS Counselling and Care from the University of South Africa, a certificate in Neuro Linguisting Programming from the University of Greenwich UK and a Stanford University Statement of Accomplishment as Team Leader with distinction for an online course Creativity: Music to my Ears.

She is co-author and developer of one of the first global internet based learning and corporate e-training programmes.  This programme carries the accreditation of the Business School of The University of the North South Africa.   The success of this program resulted in the publication of a book she co-authored published in a number of languages in South Africa and India.   She served as specialist advisor on an internet based counselling website, her portfolio being the creative child.  She is a member of the South African Creativity Foundation (SATORI).

Karen is a registered whole-brain practitioner and master trainer with the Kobus Neethling Group.   She specialises in guidance within the whole-brain context.  She is a creativity specialist who leads people and companies to greater understanding and acceptance of their thinking preferences to ultimately achieve respect for their own and others’ uniqueness and expand the horizons and future possibilities of their institutions.   She practices as a career counsellor ensuring the perfect fit between thinking preference, subject choice and career opportunities.

As a member of Facilitators Without Borders she has been invited to facilitate the World Health Organisation’s Global Conference On Health Research and Development (COHRED) Forum 2012 and facilitated successful talks in Bellagio Italy on ‘How to boost research for health and development in the post Arab Spring world’.

Her experience covers facilitation, development, presenting and training in the corporate, public and educational sectors for organisations such as World Health Organisation’s Council on Health Research and Development Geneva (Cohred), GASCO Abu Dhabi, Nedbank Motor Finance Corporation, Barclays ABSA Bank, Bank Windhoek Namibia, Global Education and Leadership Foundation India, WOW Factors India, Bester, ZF Gearbox, Creative Education Foundation (USA), Tswane University of Technology, Centurus Colleges, Hi Fi Corporation, Geen & Richards, Ellerines, and The Education Department Eastern Cape South Africa.

She has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at numerous conferences including ACRE (International Creativity Conference in Africa), Creative Thinkers International Conference in Dubai, Business Creativity above the Japanese Garden at Tswane University SA and invited to speak at UK Creativity Jamboree and Mindcamp Canada.  Karen is a regular contributor to various radio stations, magazines and articles on motivation, creativity and thinking preference.

A partnership between Karen and Liesl Schoonwinkel produced an 18 module certificate course for educators at schools, colleges and university on Whole-brain teaching methodology and creative thinking as part of the curriculum.  It has produced outstanding results in South Africa and internationally.

As a local community project Karen taught creativity, whole-brain learning and teaching methods to children and educators from disadvantaged backgrounds. She launched a reading programme involving the greater local community and has successfully obtained corporate funding for local disadvantaged communities’ needs.

Marita Durr

Marita is the Operations Manager at Solutionsfinding for the last 13 years, a company that develops and provides specialist training in the use of the full battery of Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®), equipping you with the tools to take responsibility for your own success.

She is a whole-brain specialist who has presented workshops and training all over the world, from India to Denmark, dedicated to helping individuals and organisations realize and reach their potential.

Marita has a wide range of both education and business sector work experience, and is, apart from providing Solutionsfinding’s consultants with valuable help and support, involved in the development of a variety of new whole brain models in education, sport, etc.

She holds a BA degree along with a variety of certificates and diplomas in counseling, play therapy, holistic reading and Brain Gym®. Previous roles have included 15 years in the educational field, mostly in special education.

She has a strong interest in the human mind and the influence of creativity on change and success.

Magriet Engelbrecht

Magriet Engelbrecht has been an educator, lecturer, project manager and communications manager. She is a public speaker and executive coach, and has been a senior training consultant for the Kobus Neethling Group for the past 15 years.

Magriet holds 4 degrees, including an Honours Degree in English Literature and a Masters Degree [cum laude] in the teaching of English.

Highlights from Magriet’s career include her close involvement in the transition processes. Roles include managing the communication campaign to introduce the interim constitution; running the 24-hour communication centre which was responsible for the quantitative monitoring of the media coverage of the various political parties in the run-up to the 1994 elections on behalf of the Media Monitoring Commission; organizing the 1995 Arniston conference to draft a communication strategy for the new government; and managing the marketing of the first celebration of Freedom Day, also in 1995.

From 1995 to 2001 Magriet was the Director: Communication at the National Department of Agriculture. She managed a large division that produced TV and radio programmes, news magazines, an info series for new farmers and much more.

Magriet received numerous merit awards while teaching and while working in communications, including the first ever Achiever of the Year Award [1991] of the South African Communication Service [SACS]. The communication campaigns she ran received a number of prestigious awards, including the South African Business to Business Creative Awards 1991 Silver Award for an advertising campaign [for the introduction of Value Added Tax], the 3As Ad of the Month Award for August 1991, and a Loerie Special Mention Certificate for an advertising campaign. The Transitional Constitution Campaign [1994] earned a Plum of the Week award and the 8-page foldout brochure that formed part of the campaign was used by the University of South Africa in their 1995 student guide as an example of excellent communication. In 2012 she received an Excellence in Creativity Award from the South African Creativity Foundation, and in 2013 an award for promoting creativity.

Heinz Neethling

Heinz Neethling has been a trainer and consultant for the Kobus Neethling Group, specialising in thinking and creativity.  He is a whole-brain specialist, a behavioural and cognitive consultant and a certified NBI practitioner.  He has presented and trained all across the world, from Denver (Colorado, USA), to New Delhi, (India), and many other countries.

He has presented at multiple conferences, from the ACA (AMERICAN CREATIVITY ASSOCIATION) in Phillidelphia (USA), to the Creative thinkers conference in Dubai, to the African Creativity conference (Acre) in Bela-Bela (South Africa). He has also presented at the American Creativity Association and the International creativity conference in Africa. Heinz holds an M.A. in Leadership studies from the University of Southern Maine (USA) and a B.Com in Marketing from the university of Pretoria (South Africa).

Heinz Neethling is both a coach and trainer. Coaching was an inevitable addition to his arsenal, and a natural progression of more than a decade of helping individuals and companies achieve their goals.

His clients include multi-national conglomerates, and out-of-the-way rural schools.

Rache Rutherford

Raché is co-founder of the Creativity Foundation of South Africa, a member of the Kobus Neethling Group and has been involved in identifying and developing creative behaviour for 20 years. She develops, designs and presents creativity programs in numerous organisations in South Africa, including Anglo Platinum, Volkswagen, Telkom, Sanlam, Barloworld, Alexander Forbes, Sonae Novobord, ABSA, schools and tertiary  institutions. Internationally she has trained in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, Denmark, Sudan, Abu Dhabi and France.

Raché is a keynote speaker, and has appeared on several radio and television programs, including the award winning Out of the Box, as a creativity expert.

Raché is also the co-author of more than 40 books, including the best sellers which she co-authored with Dr Kobus Neethling: Creativity Uncovered; Am I clever or am I stupid?; Creative people can perform miracles; Very Smart Parents; Courage; Love, sex and your brain; The Life Changing Diary; and Taking you beyond.

Stephan Neethling

Stephan holds 3 degrees including a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Pretoria. He works in the television, marketing and creativity training industries

Since 2002, he has trained numerous high profile clients across various industries in Creativity and the Art of the Whole Brain (such as BMW, SONY, ACSA, BARCLAYS, SASOL, PROTEAS etc.) both locally and abroad in countries ranging from the USA, UK, INDIA to AUSTRALIA.

As a television producer, he has produced 12 television series for various South African paid TV channels as well as more than 30 music videos

Liesl Schoonwinkel

Liesl has 25 years’ experience in training and facilitation in the corporate, publicand education sectors for organisations such as World Health Organisation, Sanlam (biggest insurance company in SA), Volkswagen, WOW Factors India, Global Education and Leadership Foundation, Department of Education, ABSA Barclays, Nedbank, etc. She has also been involved in learnerships (similar to apprenticeships), skills and tertiary training.

She is a Creativity Specialist and Whole Brain Master Trainer. She utilizes the Neethling Brain Instrument to facilitate better understanding amongst people, improved communication, customer relationship strategies and for career guidance in her private practice.

She designed and established the first simulated enterprise training facility in South Africa, identified as flagship facility and the only in South Africa to be recognized by a SETA (sector education and training authority).

She has co-authored Taking You Beyond as well as the first corporate e-training course accredited by the Business School of The University of Potchefstroom, SA and numerous articles.

She is a recipient of an Excellence in Creativity Award and a Beyonder Award from the South African Creativity Foundation.

She was the runner-up for DoE National Manager of the Year award and for the Innovative Programme of the Year Award.

Liesl has been presenting national and international training to corporate and public organisations for the past 16 years. She was a senior lecturer and HOD at North link College, training in national qualifications, skills training and learnerships. Here she established and managed the first simulated enterprise in South Africa.
She has 17 years’ experience as a career councillor, currently managing her own practice in Port Elizabeth. She was the advising career specialist for Finesse magazine’s electronic publication.
She is the co-author of:

– One of the first electronic training courses for the corporate market and the first to be accredited by the business school of a South Arican university
– “Taking You Beyond”
– An Education Development course (that she still presents at educational centres in SA and abroad)
– Various articles (including Global Correspondents that place only one publication per country)

She regularly presents workshops and key note addresses at international conferences. She is an international facilitator for the Canadian not-for-profit organization “Facilitators Without Borders”.

Plus a network of more than 100 international creativity whole brain experts.