Kobus Neethling Training

The focus of training is to help organisations, educators, parents, coaches and individuals to identify and harness the power of creative thinking. With the slogan of moving from ordinary to beyond, the KNI Beyonder programmes address the challenges of performance – whether personal or organisational – through a range of tools to assist in people in reaching their top potential.

Participants in the programmes get opportunities for professional training and development to add onto their formal training and experience. These programmes cut through outdated methodologies and introduce innovative new models.

Expert presenters with international experience present the programmes, customised to meet individual and organisational needs. Outcomes of these training courses range from full understanding of the 8 dimensional leadership qualities, empowerment of others to reach their optimal potential, and insight into the essence of creativity. Participants learn how to create the creative culture in the organisation, and how to implement a sustainable plan for whole brain development within the organisation.

The content includes the in-depth 8 dimensional brain analysis of each individual and the identification and development of skills and qualities of the 8-dimensional individual. Learn how to think above the line in organisational management and how to identify reasons for still thinking about the below the line activities.

We offer:


Corporate Training


Private Consulting

Tailor-made training sessions to suit your needs. We do Half Day, Full Day  and 2 Day training sessions.

The content includes the in-depth 8 dimensional brain analysis of each individual and the identification and development of skills and qualities of the 8-dimensional individual. Learn how to think above the line in organisational management and how to identify reasons for still thinking about the below the line activities.

Our training includes the following:

  • Whole brain job profiling.
  • How the brain works.
  • Understanding brain preferences.
  • Understanding of the 4 quadrants and 8 dimensions of the whole brain.
  • How the quadrants and dimensions influence communication and decision-making.

The courses are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure relevancy to the changing world. Some of the popular courses in the Beyonder Programme are:

Beyondness Sustained

The course follows on the second part of the Voyage course and covers:

  • The 7 best practices in the Beyonder programme.
  • Creating the courageous creative culture
  • Introducing and starting the 8 dimensional programme in the organisation.
  • Insight into life triggers.

Living Beyond 105

  • Secrets for living beyond 105.
  • How to develop the 8 dimensional connection between mental, financial and health status.

Voyage to Wisdom

  • Understanding and implementing the 8 dimensions of the brain.
  • How to develop a culture of creativity.
  • How to develop whole brain skills.
  • Inspiring optimism.

Whole Brain Relationships

It is a short course on the creation of the 8 dimensional personal & organisational relationships and the creation of the whole brain communication model.


Teams & Organisations

Some of the more requested profiles are the NBI Adult; NBI Leadership and NBI Followership Feedback Profile. See below for more information on these.

NBI® Adult

The NBI® Adult profile instrument measures thinking preferences – helping us to understand how we think and to become more sensitive towards the way others think. By having a better understanding of thinking preferences, we are able to improve our inter-personal relationships, enhance our contribution to teams and increase our decision-making abilities. Armed with the understanding it is possible to make better job and career choices, and select the right study courses.

The NBI® instrument provides for a descriptive and objective analysis of the individual’s way of thinking without elevating one profile above the others.

The four thinking quadrants are given and divided further to give insight regarding the individual’s 8 dimensions of thinking. The Brain Profile shows how the individual acts towards others, how they conduct business, communicate, learn, teach, solve problems, form relationships and participate in activities. It is a 15-25 minutes session with highly accurate results.

NBI® Leadership

The Leadership Brain Profile gives insight into the leadership style of the individual. This is a particularly useful profile instrument for supervisors, managers, business owners, leaders, coaches, teachers and any persons in leadership roles.

By getting a better understanding of how a person thinks, communicates, participates and leads, it is possible to optimise on the preferences. The report provides an objective description of the individual’s choices and thinking preferences, followed by recommendations based on the results. The profile measures thinking preferences; it doesn’t measure the skills. The profiling takes about 15-25 minutes to complete.

NBI® Followership Feedback Profile

For a number of decades there has been a very strong focus on Leadership (and rightly so). Dr. Kobus Neethling developed the 8-Dimensional Whole Brain Leadership Instrument which impacted substantially in the way leaders strategized, communicated, formed relationships, made decisions and created environments.

Very little attention, however, was ever given to the ‘followers’ — Asking employees: ‘How would you like to be managed” And this is exactly the focus of the new NBI Followership brain instrument. Every employee profile gives the leader or manager unique insights into the way the employee prefers to be ‘treated’. The initial results have been hugely positive — creating happier and more productive environments”

Your Feedback Brain Profile will give you an insight into the type of manager that you prefer and how that impacts your followership style. It will highlight issues that are important to you (but maybe not to your employer or colleagues) and even where there could be room for improvement!

Because the focus is on thinking preferences the end result is neither good nor bad or right or wrong. The Profile is a descriptive, objective analysis of the individual’s thinking choices, with no profile being better or worse than another. Instead, the report gives a description of an individual’s thought preferences, and makes recommendations based on those.

The Profile assesses thinking preferences and not the skills or abilities necessary to execute these preferences. It is therefore possible that an individual could have a very strong preference for order, planning and organisation in a manager, but has never had the opportunity to develop these skills him/herself.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our client’s say:

It was the greatest training that I have ever attended in my entire life. It will indeed change the way I see things and do things. The way I handle conflict at the workplace and home will differ from before. 

Khangale Mphaphuli

Brilliant course – all at ABSA should attend. We should all attend phase 2

Wessel Badenhorst

The best insight in understanding myself, how to work with other people. Excellent and professional presentation.

C. Jacobs